Monday, 21 January 2013

birthday parties

i never really liked birthday parties (unless they were my own) i mean, knowing what to get the person, or saving money to go out with them can be kind of stressful. not to mention all the awkwardness of not knowing the other people there when your friend has a different group of friends than you.
but in the past couple of months ive found that they arent so bad. my brother turned 13 on christmas and we had a party just him, our mom and i. he was so excited for his cake and presents. we always have his birthday celebration after christmas dinner because we want it to be all about him so that he doesnt feel like christmas overshadows the importance of his day.
and this past week my friend turned 21, and for all those who dont know, this isnt really a major birthday in Canada. 19 is the big one in Ontario. but anyways, we went out and celebrated at a restaurant in town, just 6 of us really close friends. its probably one of the best times ive had.

i guess once you get older the type of party changes and you find them more easy to enjoy. or maybe its just me.

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