Tuesday, 4 December 2012


sometimes people really annoy me. just things they say or do dont sit well with me. and its usually on a day that im already in a bad mood. something as simple as sitting next to me on the bus when there are other open seats, makes me mad. is it just me? or does this happen to you guys too? and im too nice to say anything. maybe its my canadian mentality :P or maybe its just that im uncomfortable talking to new people? either way no, i wont move my backpack because you touched it and want to sit there lady. look behind you, theres another empty seat  and the bus is almost empty -.- i will move my bag when i see the bus start to fill up. if that makes me a bad person, im sorry. i feel closterphobic on the bus as it is. i will avoid feeling even more trapped as often as i can.

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