Tuesday, 4 December 2012

Twilight...yes i know..

ive been looking up twilight blogs and i have one question for so called twihards. where are the blogs about jasper and alice or rosalie and emmett or carlisle and esme? are they not good enough for you? because i love jasper and alice far more than edward and bella. and if stephanie meyer were to write a book about them, i would be first in line to buy those books. their story interests me more. i love jasper. hes sweet and kind and has that crooked smile that drives me insane, whereas edwards looks awkward and unnatural. i know most twilight fans probably dont agree with me but thats okay. dare to be different. i love jasper and alice more than edward and bella, and seth more than jake(though i do love jake).  but on the whole i am team twilight. sorry to all you out there who hate twilight with a passion. its a guilty pleasure and i love it xD

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