Wednesday, 19 December 2012


if you're a music lover, then you will understand this. there is a great feeling when you rediscover a song you had forgotten existed. i think that music has changed a lot over the years, but the one thing that never changes is the appreciation we have for a good song. growing up i was introduced to music from my parents generation, and that helped shape my musical taste. i know everyone's taste in music differs, and with so many different choices out there, how can it not? i like new music, and even love some of the artists out there, but i find music before the year 2000 was very different, and a lot of the time i gravitate towards music from the 80's, 90's, though i so also enjoy early 2000's music. i feel that around this point music started to change. it became less about the lyrics and more about the commercialism. "what sells" verses "what makes good music." and as we can see now with stars like Nikki Manaj, there is a total lack of meaning to anything coming out of their mouths. I'm sorry, but as a nineteen year old girl who grew up with parents born and raised on the music of the seventies and eighties, i see that the music my generation, and the generations under us listen to, and hope to god that some people come along and smack some sense into not only the teens,kids and young adults, but also to those people writing, producing and singing this music. singers like rhianna, they need to learn that just because they have a nice body desnt mean they need to use it to sell their music. maybe if they stopped objectifying themselves, and setting back the ideals of women and all that we have worked to achieve over the years, AND STOPPED SINGING ABOUT SEX maybe i would like her. because right now i cant stand her. in saying this, there are some artists who, though they may also sing about sex occasionally  have songs that have meaningful or relatable lyrics. you can sing a love song without using sexual innuendos. does any body agree with me?

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